You need to download plug-in QuickTime to be able to watch videos from RACB events.

A few tips :
1. Use only QuickTime 4. The older versions do not work properly with the streaming. (If you already have QuickTime installed on your computer and it doesn't work anyway, reinstall it.)

2. You must set the parameters of the connection speed of Quick Time to optimise its functions. Regulate this speed according to your real transmissions. For example, if you have a 56k modem but the connection is never quicker than 33,6k, regulate QuickTime on 33,6k. In order to do this:

PC : start>parameters>control panel>QuickTime>connection speed.

Mac : Apple menu>control panel>Quick Time settings>connection speed.

After that, reload that page in your browser.

3. If you do not get any sound or if you have still pictures, your connexion is not quick enough. Try to connect you again or download the page or find a more performing provider.

4. If your computer is behind a firewall or a router (companies, offices etc.), you must set your QuickTime in http mode (in streaming transport setting or proxy). Contact your local network system manager (or go to QuickTime parameters and enter the corresponding settings to your network). QuickTime is today the only available software able to transmit streaming (live broadcasting) through firewalls.


TIPS TO DOWNLOAD QUICKTIME When you click on Get QuickTime icon, you see the form to be completed. Be aware of the two squares for advertising. After the downloading, to proceed to the installation, the operator must connect himself on Internet to install the components. This is normal. If you refuse to connect, QuickTime will not be installed. You can also download a complete version from the operator (no connection on Internet is needed for the installation). To do this, click on :

>> QuickTime 5 Installer <<

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